Sunday, August 16, 2015

All Hallows Eve...FINALLY!

Finally it was Halloween!  After months of planning and years wanting to do this, I finally got the girls on board to dress up as the Sanderson Sisters from our favorite movie "Hocus Pocus" and it was our best costume to date!  It took a lot of prepping (and even sewing in the car on the way to Salt Lake by yours truly) to get their costumes put together, but I was SO THRILLED with out they turned out!  And the girls LOVED it!
Preparations started early and Mae was the first to start the undertaking...and here was the FINISHED products: Mae as Winifred, Lu as Sarah and Emme as Mary. Seriously, how freaking awesome is this?!!  I'm pretty sure I will never be able to outdo these costumes, but hey, we can always try, right?

Getting the girls' costumes ready took too much effort and Coby and I ended up with makeshift costumes, but it worked.  He was a nerd (what's new?) and I was a robber.

The girls were so worn out from bewitching all night that we left them as is and this is what we woke up to...pretty sure they were on a candy hangover from their bender the night before ;)
After we finally bathed those little witches, this is the state of the tub.  Although it looks like a murder scene, I can assure no little girls were injured in the making.

LOVED this Halloween with our little witches and am incredibly proud how their costumes turned out...Can't wait to see what next year brings!

Halloween festivities

Since Halloween is our favorite time of the year, we get REALLY into it and it kinda rules the roost for a bit.

Emme has been obsessed with zombies for awhile and always insists on playing zombies with her friends--even when they don't appreciate it quite like we do.  Grandma and Grandpa's neighbors go above and beyond and decorate their whole yard in zombies.  This was Emme's initial reaction when she saw it, before she thought it was the coolest thing EVER.  I love the shock in her eyes--ha ha!

And here she is switching gears for a bit as the cutes "bam-power" I've ever seen :)

We also took the girls to the pumpkin patch where they got to pick out their own pumpkin from the HUNDREDS there and believe me, they took this decision very seriously!  They had this adorable little photo spot and the girls were only too happy to pose with their prized pumpkins!

Love fall and this time of year with these spooky ladies!

Emme's big girl bed!

Finally after much waiting AND painting, Emme's bedding arrived and bed posts were finished and put together, and walls painted!  And she was EXCITED!  She got a zip-up bed just like sisters so it would be easy for her to make it.  Love this cute girl and that smile :)

Bluebell Cornmaze

Halloween is just about our favorite time of year at the Coonradt home and this year we were able to do something we've never done. Daddy's boss' daughter had her birthday party at the Bluebell Cornmaze and we were able to take the girls and go.  We have always wanted to do this, but never actually had and IT.WAS.A.BLAST.  You can go during the day with the kids when there are no scarers out and play in the field and walk through the maze.  They had a little train for the kids to ride, corn to dig, roll and play in and a slide! Probably one of the funnest things we have done.

Daddy was a good sport and took ALL the girls down the slide!
What a FUN day with our girls!  We will definitely be going next year!

Harvest Creation

Mae's school does a fun thing every year called "Harvest Creations" where the kids use fruit and vegetables to create something.  Mae chose to do some penguins (made out of olives and radishes) with scarves on snow capped cauliflower hills. The year before I had sent Mae to school on the bus and her's got sadly ruined before school even started.  I felt so bad that this year we took the proper precautions and drove her to make sure they made it safely to school.  Love this cutie!

Park with Daddy!

Sometimes while Mae is at school we get to play on Daddy's mornings off and sometimes even have picnics in the park...but shhhhhh... we don't want to tell big sis that ;)

Lucy's last year in preschool!

FINALLY it was time for Lu to start her last year in preschool...and she could barely stand the wait!  She insisted while we were school shopping that she needed glasses just like her big sis and luckily we were able to find her a stylish pair at Claire's-- and she looks absolutely adorable in them!  She kept saying this like "Good thing I have my glasses and can see now" and "Everyone's gonna think I really need them to see."  Funny girl!  We know you will kick butt in preschool this year lady!