Sunday, November 5, 2017

New Year's Eve Dance Party!

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned dance party?!!  This bunch sure does!  

This concludes another AMAZING year for our family! I love them all SO much and am so grateful for the memories we made and the people our girls have grown into this year!

Merry Christmas!

 The worst thing about me being such a slacker and not getting these pictures up on time, is the fact that with all my craziness, broken phones, and flat out unorganization- I sometimes lose precious photos...and this is one of those times :(  These are the closest pictures I have to actual Christmas Day. While I'm super sad I don't have actual documentation, I do know that this was a special day for my sweet family and I'm so grateful to have been able to spend it with them.
 Every Christmas Eve we make cookies to leave for Santa, and have a little (or a lot of them) ourselves.  Emme loves sugar and would prefer to be covered head to toe in frosting!

And Christmas, we went to Ogden to spend time together with our family up there AND to have some full family photos taken.  Daddy snapped a few pictures of these girls while we were in the process. How pretty are they???

White Christmas

Sister sleepover

The best thing about Christmas Break could quite possibly be being able to have sister sleepovers. Oh my heart! (Look closely and you'll see Emme snuggled up in the top middle part of the photo)

Lucy's Preschool Christmas Program

We had one more Christmas festivity and that was for our sweet Lucy girl and her preschool program. She looked so cute dressed up as Santa and sang her cute little heart out!

After the program, they had milk and cookies (which is so appropriate for this time of year)-- and a surprise special guest show up.  We have been frequent visitors of this guy's this year, but the girls couldn't pass up one more opportunity to talk to the big guy!

TaVaci Concert

What better way to get into the holiday season than to celebrate hear our sweet girl in her first singing concert. This year Mae did something called TaVaci, which is a singing/drama group here in town and she did SO good!  We were so unbelievably proud of her and she looked gorgeous in her pretty red dress.  We sure love you Mae-Mae and you sang so pretty.

We ran into the big guy there too and that was an unexpected surprise for all these cute girls!

Holly Days

One of the best things about living in a small town, are the FUN festivities they do for different events during the year. Holly Days is probably the biggest and seriously amazing! It was so unusually warm it made this year absolutely perfect! Here are just some of the activities they have for the town.

 Camel rides for the girlies!

 Train rides

And who doesn't love horse rides...

Daddy had to work the event, but we got to see him around at different activities and even the girls got to help him out. Here is Emme wearing her own camera for VTV to film the ice cube scramble!

And the most exciting part (for these girls at least) seeing Santa Claus to finish out the night!  What a wonderful way to get into the Holiday season.  So glad I get to spend it with the ones I love the most.